Monday, 6 December 2010


i talk utter wank.

i'm being provocative with these tee hee

failure on your own terms. not theirs.


success is only something on your own terms, but fuck is it beautiful when/if it comes. i don't mean fiscal, i mean acheiving what you visualized or knowing your intensions

the system

the entire system is crooked, twisted and meaningless, you expect us to enter into something which will not reward us - there must be a better way. do these people seem happy? i see people worn very very thin indeed.


the reality is we're doing something with no social or financial purpose, people are making obscure, difficult works and then waiting for saatchi to come along with sack of gold. it ain't gonna happen. if you're lucky you might end up working in lidl

what you expect us to do and then you expect us to be objective

the only way to do something like this is emotional intensity, which is usually false, you trap yourself and then wail like an impaled ferret